Making and Breaking Habits with My Reasons

I admit it. I suck at moderation. If one slice of pizza is good, then wolfing down an entire pie in one sitting is great. No point in constraining myself to a single episode of a good TV show when Netflix lets me plow through an entire season while munching my way... read more

Turning Ten!

2015 marks the tenth anniversary for Binary Formations and our first app, Home Inventory. I thought it might be fun to take a look back at how our flagship app came into being and how it evolved into to what it is today. A Stutter Stepping Start I first started... read more

Home Inventory Review:

“Home Inventory, is worth the $19.99 price. The ease of use and full featured Mac application and free mobile apps makes this a smart way to insure that your property and its contents are inventoried as well as adequately insured.” Read the full review... read more


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